Energy consumption is one of the major yardsticks of progress and well-being in society. But there are two problems involved in current power generation. On the one hand, when sources of energy used to supply a society are no longer readily available, we are facing an energy crisis. Fossil fuel sources are finite, and it is inevitable that at some time in the future demands will no longer be met and the current system will collapse. On the other hand, the use of current energy sources such as petroleum, natural gas or coal, among others, pose problems such as progressive pollution, the increase in greenhouse effect and other serious threats to the environment.

At Universal Greentech we work with technologies for the recovery of solid urban waste, used tyres and biomass, among others, for the production of electrical and thermal power using patented technologies.

We have developed genetically improved plant species for the production of biomass using high-energy crops.

We distribute and implement innovative compact gasifiers for energy recovery using solid urban waste, used tyres and biomass; microturbines for electrical power production from changes in water pressure in water processes; and a full range of new-generation, low-consumption LEDs and luminieres for industrial illumination.

Our products offer sustainable, environmentally-friendly, highly competitive and differentiated technological solutions for industries requiring greater competitiveness.


Biomass is biological material that can be used as an energy source, successfully replacing fossil fuels in many cases.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a practice that aims to reduce energy consumption. Industry is one of the sectors in society that needs more power savings, as this brings about greater competitiveness.


From their inception, gasification systems have proven to be a good alternative for solving energy problems and eliminating contaminants in organic waste. Research carried out on gasifier technologies have provided us with modern designs that work safely on technical levels ensuring appropriate capacities for industrial, urban and rural applications.