Agriculture provides the nutritional basis for over 6 billion inhabitants of our planet.

Insects, plagues and weeds cause a high level of losses per year in agricultural operations. Treatments applied in modern agriculture have frequently used synthetic chemical compounds to control plagues and diseases that have been effective but are highly aggressive to the environment, in some cases leaving residues on fruit and vegetables that are then consumed by human beings.

The application of nanotechnology in agriculture is a more environmentally-friendly alternative for the control of plagues and insects and plant pathologies. At Universal Greentech we have developed products based on nanoparticles, biocompatibility and eco-friendly systems for their use in decontaminating soil, purifying water, growing biomass, antimicrobials and encapsulating biologically active compounds. These products will be setting future trends in a more effective use of treatments in fertilizers, fungicides and antibacterial agents.

Our R&D&I department undertakes personalised product testing in specific eco-systems and environments where our technology is to be applied, with results that are more effective when compared to existing products on the market, with competitive prices, and offering personalised solutions to our clients in strategic production sectors such as agriculture.


Nanotechnology is being used in a variety of fields such as electronics, medicine, pharmaceuticals, engineering and agriculture.