Universal Greentech Group

Universal Greentech is a company based in Spain dedicated to the marketing, distribution and implementation of innovative, eco-friendly technologies applied to the fields of water treatment, energy and nanotechnology. We represent on an exclusive basis companies manufacturing products with a high technological and innovative components in strategic sectors that require the incorporation of new, more effective, economical, sustainable and eco-friendly technologies. Universal Greentech is positioned as a leading company in the marketing, distribution and management of innovative products, with representatives in over 25 countries through a global network.

Our knowledge and experience in all the fields we are involved in are backed by over 20 years of laboratory and field experience. This enables us to adapt, personalise and provide savings in production systems for each and every client, supplying innovative, environmentally-friendly applications in the field of water, power and nanotechnology. We are therefore able to provide added value to corporations and institutions placing their trust in our company.

Due to the ongoing consumption of natural resources and their impact on the environment in production processes on our planet, we need to incorporate products with technologies that offer viable solutions and generate energy savings, better management of natural resources, eco-friendliness while still being competitive and useful.


New technologies for purifying and potabilising water, including all treatment cycles while respecting the environment. We work with conventional systems and eco-friendly, low-cost Phytopurifying Systems.


Innovative, eco-friendly, competitive energy solutions. As an alternative to conventional power, we focus on green and sustainable power systems for a better world.


We develop nanoparticle-based products customised for specific client needs. We nano-encapsulate products for a variety of agricultural applications, providing solutions for efficient and economic production systems.