Our planet, with all its abundance of life forms, including 6 billion human beings, is facing a serious water crisis as we progress through the 21st century. All signs indicate that this crisis is getting worse and will continue to do so if corrective actions are not taken. The critical situation is in the management of water resources, basically caused by the use of inappropriate water conversation methods. The real tragedy of this crisis, however, is its effect on the daily lives of underdeveloped or poor populations, who are liable to contract water-borne diseases, living in degraded and often dangerous environments, fighting for the education for their children and trying to earn a living and solve their basic nutritional needs. The crisis also affects our natural surroundings, which are laden with mountains of waste materials thrown away daily due to excessive or inappropriate use, lack of recycling, etc., all showing a lack of concern for the consequences for both the present and the future.

Water is a scarce resource on our planet, and unlike other resources that may have alternatives now or in the future, water is irreplaceable. Our company is aware of the value of this natural resource, and has been developing innovative technologies and patented products that show important advances in water treatment and the production of energy using this valuable but increasingly scarce resource.

We develop processes such as phyto-purification of waste water using low-cost vegetable filtering technology, and potabilisation and desalination of urban and industrial water using state-of-the-art technologies. Taking advantage of water pressure exchanges for the production of electrical power via micro-turbines ensures that our technologies have a wide range of applications, contributing to sustainability and health and well-being on our planet.


At Universal Greentech we have over 20 years of experience in the water treatment industry, with hundreds of projects completed in more than 25 countries.


At Universal Greentech we are specialists in natural waste water treatment systems using aquatic plants. This natural purification system now provides a sustainable, eco-friendly, economic and highly competitive, low-maintenance, low-cost source of drinking water.


Sustainable, renewable microhydro use of water pressure changes enables us to produce electrical power from changes in the pressure of water for different uses and in various phases. This can be used for power production with available unused hydraulic resources such as hydrographic confederations, irrigation communities and urban water distributors and industries.